Thursday, December 5, 2013

Index of Examples (Partial)

I haven't been available to update this blog recently, and I won't be available for several more months, so I thought I should at least leave it with the top page serving as a kind of index for the most important posts. The set of links in the right side bar already partially serves this indexing purpose under the banner "*** BASICS: START HERE! ***" but I thought I'd have a more complete go of it here:

  1. Loan and Deposit Transfer Basics
  2. Balance Between Money and Debt
  3. How Banks Buy and Sell
  4. Quantitative Easing: Two Kinds 
  5. Common Money Terms in the US and Their Relationship to One Another
  6. Where Reserves Can Go
  7. Calculating Bank Capital and Equity and the Distinction Between Them
  8. Government Deficit Spending
  9. Central Bank Holds Government Treasury Debt to Maturity
  10. Paying Taxes
  11. All Possible Aggregated Macro Balance Sheets (Interactive and Highly Simplified)

There are more posts/examples buried in the pages of this blog than what I've listed above, many of which already link to each other. However, some of these posts/examples are not very fundamental and amount to either variations on a theme or tangential issues. 

Item 11 in the above list (All Possible Aggregated Macro Balance Sheets (Interactive and Highly Simplified)) is the one I'm most proud of since it summarizes some of the important information I'm trying to convey in many of the other examples in this blog but in a more abstract (i.e. formulaic) way. Plus it has a interactive spreadsheet to let the reader see the effects of plugging concrete numbers into the formulas. There are two further variations on this example in the blog, each attempting to add in more details (Examples #11.1 and #11.2) which don't appear in the above index. This sequence of variations on a theme is not complete and won't be for some time (unless somebody wants to take over and finish it.) I hated leaving an intermediate (and possibly incorrect) step (Example #11.2) in an incomplete sequence as the top page, so that was one inspiration for updating the blog with this index page post. 


P.S. If  you have any ideas about any of the existing examples or new ones you'd like to see, please let me know! Here's a good place. I may not get to it for a while, but I'd like to hear about it.